Like many people, you may be concerned about your breast health, and how your wellness affects your family, loved ones and friends. We share your concern. The Hunterdon Breast Surgery Center combines a comfortable, supportive environment with first-rate, comprehensive diagnostic and treatment resources…all conveniently close to home.

At Hunterdon Breast Surgery Center the most important person we are treating is you.  Our board-certified surgeons diagnose and treat cancerous and benign disorders of the breast.  If surgery is needed, our office will schedule surgery at the Hunterdon Medical Center or Bridgewater Ambulatory Surgery Center and our multidisciplinary team provides patients with the most advanced treatments for breast cancer.

In the event of a breast cancer diagnosis, our board-certified surgeons work closely with the Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center and Hunterdon Hematology and Oncology. In addition, Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center has a dedicated nurse care coordinator, Jessica Danik, who will guide you through your diagnosis and treatment plan. Jessica is a Certified Breast Care Nurse (CBCN), who coordinates oncology care for breast cancer patients.

Care coordination in oncology has demonstrated benefits such as shorter time to diagnosis and treatment, increased patient and caregiver knowledge, better adherence to care and improved quality of life. Jessica can:

  • Provide general and focused education about your diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Identify needs and refer you to appropriate resources within the Hunterdon Healthcare System and the community.
  • Facilitate any physician-requested consults with appropriate specialists and ensure that you’re prepared for the appointment.
  • Assist with communication among your healthcare team, ensuring seamless care.
  • Give guidance and support through your cancer care journey.